Don’t Call Me Chinki

Lokesh Dang

"My project, titled “Don’t Call Me Chinki”, is a photo documentation of the rampant harassment and discrimination faced by the North East community in New Delhi. I wish to bring my audience closer to the North-easterners in order to understand them better and to familiarize ourselves with them.”

“yes I am different, does it mean I’m not ‘Indian’? ”

Sam Yengkhom

30 year old from Manipur, India

“They laugh at us and call us names, little do they know we are all the same.”
Aadon Bonboo Kunchudyangmu and Grace Simick
(L- R) 31 years old and 27 years old from Sikkim and West Bengal, India
“yes, that’s us. Identify. Accept.”
Rev Dr. Mathanmi Zimik
Pastor, Centenary Methodist Church, New Delhi
“I am here in Delhi for more than a decade, you tell me what’s my identity here ”
Shanti Salam
30 year old from Manipur, India

“I am fine, you don’t look fine, then stop looking ”
Licha Rinya
21 year old from Arunachal Pradesh, India

“The stakes are high, so are the conditions.”
Every Northeasterner in Delhi, India

“Cutting hair is my hobby, I do ir for my friends and brothers. Does this make me any less than you?”
Ngaranso Hungyo
28 year old from Nagaland, India
“We are tribals, proud of our identity. Why should we hide it if others are racist?”
Sorinthan Haorei
President, Tangkhul Katamnao Long, Delhi

Lokesh Dang- Media Awardee, National Foundation for India, 2017-18

Lokesh Dang studied photography at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Delhi.
He was born in 1991 and lives in Gurgaon and has been travelling for work around India for various projects.
In 2015 – the same year he set out on a freelance career as a photographer. The focus of his work is
Documentary photography and Photojournalism. He received the NFI 2017 media awards to help him fund the
Home Away from Home - his project on Injustice faced by Northeast Community in Delhi,
which spans over more than two years. He also recently got awarded with the 2017 Neel Dongre Awards
in which he is looking at the Urban Villages of Gurgaon. He likes to experiment with Architecture Photography,
which also helps him to keep up with his day-to-day needs.